Our commitment to protect the financial system ... and you

Keeping everybody safe

The world has changed. Financial crime is on the rise and it’s getting more sophisticated. Anybody can become a victim. Bank regulations are evolving to meet the challenge. At Standard Chartered, we’re committed to meeting the highest industry standards and playing our part to keep the financial system safe and secure. For your benefit, and for ours. One of the ways we do this is to make sure the information we have about you is complete, accurate and up to date.

What do you need to do?

You don’t need to do anything for now. Frankly, we don’t like to trouble you with this. But it’s in line with the latest industry best practices and regulatory requirements. And it’s one of the key ways banks can help to keep the financial system and you safe and secure. But we’d like to let you know what to expect before we get in touch.

If you are a new client:

We’ll collect the personal details we need to identify you and make sure we have a good understanding of who you are, your financial situation and your banking needs.

If you are already a client:

We may contact you from time to time to check that the information we have on file is still accurate. Information can become outdated when, for example, you change your address and haven’t had a chance to let us know. We may also have to ask you some questions about your transactions, for example, if you deposit or withdraw a large amount of cash.

Think airport security checks: tiresome but they help to keep everybody safe

We understand that some of these questions may seem a little intrusive: we apologise for this and we hope you’ll bear with us; this enables us to check that the information we have about you and your transactions is authentic. The questions you need to answer will depend on your personal circumstances and most clients will not have to answer all of them. Please contact us if you would like more information about this and we’ll help in any way we can. In certain cases, we won’t be able process your transactions until we’ve updated the information we have about you and your account.

What we may ask for

What we may ask for
What we may need
Your identity Your full name, residential address (sorry, it can’t be a P.O.? box), date of birth, nationality, identity document number and information about your? business, profession or job.
Supporting documents to verify your identity Copies of your identification document(s) and proof of your residential address.
Purpose of the account An explanation of why you are opening the bank account.
Source of funds An explanation of where the funds you have deposited with us come from. If you come into one of our branches to deposit or withdraw a large amount of cash, we will also need to ask you for the source of that cash, or the purpose of the cash withdrawal.
Source of wealth Some information about how you created your wealth.
Source of income Some information about where your salary and other income come from.
Supporting documents

(if required)

Copies of documents that prove the source of your funds, wealth or income.

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